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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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she saved my life because if i hadn't been pregnant and take doctor hadn't found that lump in my breast, you wonder, you know, how long might it have gone on. >> reporter: suzanne startford, fox news. >> life's miracles. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. a community clashing over a controversial proposal at a virginia shopping center. at issue here, plans for a day laborer's gathering spot up in centreville. tonight some stores fear it will attract crime and scare away business. supporters say not so fast. wisdom martin is working this one now. >> reporter: day laborers have been gathering at the are inville square and library for years. right now some people call it an unorganized work center that exists on several corners and causes lots of problems. so the shop owner suggested a centralized location for the
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workers to gather. in this community it's no secret that the centreville square shopping center is a place where day laborers gather to find work work. >> been here for 20 years. >> reporter: when the manager and some of the others heard there was going to be a potential center for the workers behind the plaza, they got concerned. >> [ indiscernible ] they will be back there. >> the last thing i need is negative impact on my business. >> reporter: other business owners share their opinions at a community meeting on the proposal. once they congregate, i worry about vandalism. i worry about the fact that we have a big night drop business where people drop their cars after hours behind the building. i worry about the safety and the perception of safety there. >> reporter: the shopping
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center is owned by albert dwaskin. because day laborers were already coming to the shopping center, he proposed putting a trailer for the workers there. >> within the rules we have, we're tying to solve a problem. we unfortunately have to live with the cards that are dealt, not the ones that we want. >> the center that we are talking about establishing would be an organized center that would be better we feel for the entire community. >> fairfax county supervisor michael fraye says this same concept worked in herndon before the center was closed by the new council good it removed people from the parking lot. it removed laborers from the neighborhoods. >> reporter: but many in this community say it will only be a draw for more workers to come in and it could scare away a lot of their customers. >> it's going to be close and a lot of businesses around here will be affected. my concern is i hope that they know what they do. >> reporter: i spoke with a
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couple of business owners who say they will meet and discuss this after this plan is decided upon. also some shoppers have even talked about boycotting the shopping center all together if this plan happens. >> wisdom martin tonight. the other big story we're following this evening, the continuing struggle to find a mother and daughter swept away in the potomac. they disappeared in the water yesterday afternoon. relatives came close to pulling them out. not close enough. fox 5's roby chavez is live in the newsroom with the very latest details of what went wrong. >> reporter: the family is holding out hope but braying for the wore -- bracing for the worst. crews will be back on wednesday. tonight we spoke to several family members who gave a dramatic account of the accident. relatives say the family gathered there at the river's enfor a memorial day celebration and it quickly turned tragic. for two days now crews have been severing for 35-year-old olga and her 13-year-old daughter emily. family members say the mother cased a runaway volleyball into the water and got swept away.
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her daughter went in after her and also got lost in the powerful current of the potomac river. relatives watched as it all unfolded. [ foreign language ] >> my aunt took a step and lost her balance. she needed help. i couldn't help her anymore. i couldn't help her anymore. that's when my cousin went in to help her. >> she screamed saying i need help, help. everybody, all my friends help her but we can't because the river is just too dangerous. >> reporter: for the last two days family members have gathered there by the river's edge staring at the water and holding vigil. tonight they are preparing for the worst and have started a burial fund to try and send the to back to their homeland in peru if that becomes necessary. we posted that information under web links on if you'd like to help. we're live in the newsroom, roby chavez, fox 5 news.
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>> we're staying on top of that developing story in the gulf of mexico. attorney general eric holder has opened a criminal investigation into the spill. he's not saying whether the investigation involves all or some of the company's responsible for the well. representatives from bp have testified before congress about the blowout and killed 11 workers in april. >> if our laws were broken leading to this death and destruction, my solemn pledge is that we will bring those responsible to justice on behalf of the victims of this catastrophe and the people of the gulf region. >> meantime bp says it's not making any promises but the leak could be contained by sometime tomorrow. the company started working today on its fifth idea to stave off the spill cutting off a damaged riser from the blown out rig to put a cap on the opening of the well. bp and the coast guard disagree on how much oil will continue to leak after that.
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believe it or not the government is bringing in a hollywood heavyweight hoping he can be of help in the gulf. director james cameron is best known for avatar and titanic. he's also done extensive filming underwater and is considered an expert in underwater remote vehicle technology. he and other experts met today to brainstorm ideas with the epa. no word on what kinds of ideas came out of that meeting. the man accused of the massacre at fort hood in court for the first time today. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> may jar no dal hasan was not -- major nadal hasan was not in court long. he's paralyzed from the waist down shot by an officer during this rampage back in november. the army psychiatrist used to work at walter reed for several years before transferring to fort hood. a guilty plea today from a man accused of raping a montgomery county hotel employee. he attacked a housekeeper last
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october. surveillance video captured his car coming into and leave be the motel's parking lot. police tracked him down two months later when they found his car. the district says medical marijuana could bring in $400,000 to the city. the money would come from taxes on the sale of pot. the council has proposed a tax as part of a way to close the budget gap. if it goes through the revenue would come in by the year 2014. estimate itself show about 850 people would fill medical marijuana prescriptions that year. a daring armored car heist caught on camera in broad daylight. robbers with machine guns getaway with millions. we'll show you more on how this all went down. plus, new details about the federal employees caught looking up porn while supposedly watching wall street. we had a big line of showers and thunderstorms come through earlier today and there are still a few more showing up coming down 270 through montgomery county. i'll have your forecast coming up. first, a quick check of the rundown. itself news edge back in -- the
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news edge back in one minute. hang tight.
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did you see this? a robbery caught on camera in france. it looked like a scene out of an action movie. robbers armed with machine guns rammed an armored car on the highway. as it burned they opened the back, carried out bags full of cash. they shot at police, waved guns at cars driving by. they got away. it's for the clear how much cash they got but reports range anywhere from a million to $9 million. this is not your typical photo. the f.b.i. says this guy is wanted to bank robberies in 12 states, including virginia. the bureau dubbed him the granddad bang zit. he's -- bandit. he's hit 21 banks since last january.
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>> this is a very easily identifiable photograph and this is someone that we can get identified. he has to sleep somewhere. he has to eat somewhere. >> the digital billboards have gone up in all 12 states where he's struck. a consumer alert tonight. the government -- [ indiscernible ] >> up first tonight, a new push to have airlines pay you. number five, airlines may soon have to pay you more when they bump you from an oversold flight. federal officials want to raise the fee. right now it's either $400 or $800. flight bumping soared 10% from 2008 to 2009. number four, you might want to leave your debit card at home on the next vacation. thieves can use them to steal your identity a lot easier than if you used your credit card. federal law limits your liability to just $50 on a debit card as long as you notice the missing money within two days. number three, don't eat everything you see on tv.
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a brand new study found if you only ate advertised food, your diet would include 25 times the recommended servings of sugar, 20 times the recommended servings of fat, and very few fruits and veggies. number two, the washington monument is staying open longer over the summer months. visitors can now tour the monument's observation level till 10:00 p.m. the extended hours will continue through labor day. by the way, the free time stamped tickets are still required. and number one tonight, follow the rules of the road in d.c. or pay up. beginning today fines for more than 70 traffic violations in the traffic will cost you more. the mayor okayed the brand new hikes as a way to help balance the city's budget. they include speeding and not yielding to a stopped school bus. brian, that's a look at tonight's top five on fox 5. >> thank you, shawn. up next, another embarrassing report for the sec. wait until you hear how often employees were caught looking at porn. plus, it's a official.
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which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. we're learning new details about that porn scandal at the securities and exchange commission. we first told you about the story back in april. dozens of employees accused of using their government computers to access
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pornography. a new report reveals one attorney tried to access porn more than 600 times during a six-week period. two other attorneys are accused of attempting to access it more than 200 times in a two-week period. so far no one has been fired but the agency says it has taken disciplinary action. d.c. council taking action today as the world cup nears. it approved emergency legislation allowing bars to especial early in the morning so customers can watch the games live. but there's a catch. no alcohol sales. fox 5's karen gray houston has this one. >> what is the point of me opening a bar at 7:00 in the morning to show a soccer game if i can't sell liquor. >> reporter: managers have not made a final decision yet about whether they will open early, but for the d.c. council passing the emergency legislation was a no brainer. >> sometimes residents don't have access to the premium cable channels which broadcast these games. >> reporter: current law allows bars to sell alcohol starting
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at 8:00 a.m. on monday through saturday and 10:00 a.m. on sunday. the council simply acknowledging d.c. fans go crazy over world cup. and soccer fans, emily these guys -- especially these guys if argentina, think early open bars are a great idea. >> if we have an early match and before going , yeah, why not. >> reporter: even if they can't buy a beer? >> they will still come. if the u.s. is playing, they will come. >> reporter: other soccer fanatics are also working on ways to share in the world cup excitement. remember the massive snowball fight in dupont circle during snowmageddon? these two friends orchestrated that. now they're planning on setting up two jumbo screens in the circle so people can watch the start of the soccer match. we have england versus u.s.a. on saturday, june 12.
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we have south korea against greece. there's something in there for everyone. >> we actually have a facebook page and a website. the facebook page has about 1600 members now. we use that to kind of mobilize our group of volunteers. >> reporter: you have all kind of choices for watching the games on a big jumbotron screen in dupont sir equal if -- circle if they can pull that off, in your favorite local bar or at home on your tv. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. sue pal carks we had some strong -- sue palka, we had some strong storms cruising through the area. >> hard to drive in that stuff. >> what about tomorrow? >> i think mostly storm free, brian, but a hot day, upper 80s. lots of sunshine. a touch. humidity out there. maybe late in the day we could see a shower or storm but it's unlikely. better chance of that on us this so we are not going to be ditching them for long in this supervisor like regime we have going for most of this week. that is going to be the theme no doubt about it. if you look closely as we gaze
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out toward the capitol, just a little bit of haze in the air. we may see some fog forming across the region, especially if you have some of that heavy rain. keep an eye out for that. there go the last of the big line of showers and storms. they really formed up very close to d.c. and then moved on down to the south and east of st. marys county through calvert, charles. one last little straggler and you can see it better on trueview where we have it super zoomed in here. it's moving into the eastern portions of montgomery county. it will cross over the beltway there toward silver spring. about a tenth of an inch of rain out of that. that's the leading edge of our weak front coming through tonight. back over to max hd and we'll show you that temperature wise we're still pretty mild out there, 75 degrees. dulles also at 75. out toward gaithersburg 70. hagerstown 76. it's going to be a real mild night. most places will stay certainly if not near 70 in the upper
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60s. pittsburgh 71. beckly, west virginia 64. present write of company in the mid -- plenty of company in the mid-atlantic with warm temperatures. we have an area of high pressure off the east coast. we often call it a bermuda high because the center of it seems to set up over bermuda. a lot of heat and humidity we're expecting to see over the next few days. let's check out futurecast and see if we have storms to dodge. tonight it's picking up on one or two showers still around. down to our south tomorrow there could be a few showers. i think most central virginia. we'll see an isolated shower or storm but the best chance of that is to the best. futurecast continues to hold on to the idea of some showers and storms moving through western pennsylvania late tomorrow night but most of the showers dissipate with that. but then we get on into thursday and i think thursday is going to be a day where we definitely see more showers and storms. they'll be getting out of here late at night and then we should only see one or two
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scattered thunderstorms around friday and saturday. so not as widespread but still in the forecast. for tonight, though, partly cloudy and mild. some fog possible later. our temperature of 70 degrees overnight. maybe some upper 60s if the suburbs. tomorrow it's a summer like day here in d.c. lots of sunshine but hot. an isolated late day shower or storm possible. we get up to 88 degrees. really the best chance of that happening, though, will be down through central virginia. at least the way it looks right now. but more scattered storms in the forecast for thursday. a few around each day friday, saturday and sunday but we begin to trend the temperatures down into the mid-80s for the weekend. i know it's not much, folks but maybe it will help just a bi. hopefully we have a dry day coming up next tuesday. that's going to be important. stephen strasburg gets his first start with the nats. dave feldman is going to be up dave feldman is going to be up next to talk all about
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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a week from today stephen strasburg expected to make his major league gay biew but -- league debut but before then, he saw the nats fall behind but got some help getting back into this one. bases juiced for adam dunn. hits the ground at 1st. a to-run score. fats tie it up at 4. nats were down 6-5 in the 9th but fire back again. desmond with the bases loaded.
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nigel morgan come on in. we're tied at 6. next batter delivers. the base hit to right scores ryan zimmerman. the nats lead 7-6 right now in the bottom of the 9th. birds down in the bronx but not anymore. one run scores on the solo shot after vasquez. tied at 1. same score in the 7th. grounder to miguel tejada. should be routine. it's not. two runs come around to score on the throwing error and that's the difference. the yankees beat the o's 3-1. after stephen strasburg makes his debut on tuesday, the next big item on the sports docket will be the nba draft in new york city. kentucky guard expected to go number one to the wizards.
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ryan whitman worked out for the wizards today. yesterday greivis vasquez worked out. the long-range sharpshooter knows the steaks are much higher with college ball in the rear view mirror. >> these are the best players in the country. you have to be ready for each one. >> it's great to be able to have a chance to play in the nba. it's what it's all about. show teams what you can do, go out there and play hard. >> quarter finals at the frerchl. rematch of last year's -- french. rematch of last year's match. last year federer won. last year he -- [ inaudible ] move to match point. serving in the near court.
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federer's return is long. he upsets federer in four. this week maryland coach gary williams is playing host at the university of maryland as they welcome the nationwide golf tour. today a pro am that included caps coach bruce boudreau. our pro today was skip kendall, a three-time nationwide tour winner and four-time pga tour runner-up. he had to look at this swing for five-plus hours. not recommended for any professional golfer. i asked skip to assess our foursome. >> i'm really encouraged. i think, you know, three out of the four guys in this group are really, really good. initials d.f. i won't say, you know. we might have to have a replacement after nine. i think for the most part we'll be okay. >> skip, baby, we had fun. you red my putt. we're still rooting for skip. brian back to wrap up the edge right after this. 
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